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Asian Grocer Supermarket Lighting Supply

Asian Grocer, The Glen is a specialised, Asian supermarket and features a wide range of Mondolux lighting products across all key areas of the Supermarket. 

The client brief for this project was to deliver uniform, consistent light levels across the supermarket.  The Mondolux products included within this project were Mons-C Trunking System, Venice Mini track lights with medium and narrow beam, 3-Circuit track and Stealth 1707 surface mount extrusion with 9.6w LED Strip. For the supermarket aisles, asymmetric trunking (Mons-C) was selected due to its ability to provide high lux levels targeting the aisle shelving whilst keeping light levels on the floor to a minimum, which creates greater contrast and draws attention to the product. Venice Mini track lights were used across the fresh produce displays, pallet stock displays and aisle ends to highlight stock perfectly. Lux levels achieved across key areas of the supermarket are 1000lx for fresh produce displays, 1500lx for eye level aisle shelving and 1000lx for palletised stock displays. The result is continuous, seamless illumination across the supermarket that complements the stores wooden tone interiors. 

Aglo Systems were pleased to work with Mark and the Strip and Fit to complete the supermarket lighting design and supply for the new fit out of an expanded section of the specialised supermarket store and replaced the fittings from the existing section to match in seamlessly. 

Project Collaborators:

End Client: Asian Grocer

Shopfitter: Strip and Fit

Lighting Design and Supply: Aglo Systems

Product: Mondolux

Products Used