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RGB-TW (Tunable White)

Now Available!

Introducing RGB-TW Tunable White LED which provides the ability to reach all colours and will change the way you can control what colour and effect you require in your fitting.

  • Tunable White: 1,800K - 16,000K
  • Brightness Dimmable: 1% - 100%
  • RGB/CIE-xy Adjustable: Colour points and sequences
  • Excellent CRI: CRI>90
  • 4 Control Modes: DALI DT8, ZigBee 3.0, DMX, Casambi Biorhythmic lighting: Elevation and relaxation 

Within the sample displayed, RGB-TW Tunable White LED has been implemented in our low glare metallic black baffle downlight using Wireless Casambi technology - a powerful tool that offers a wide range of possibilities which can be controlled via the Casambi app of your smart watch, smartphone or tablet.

How it works?

  1. On/Off: Tap icon once to select
  2. Colour Temperature: Swipe horizontally across the luminaire symbol to select
  3. Dimmer: Swipe horizontally across the luminaire symbol to select
  4. Colour: Hold down the luminaire symbol across the CIE Chart Wheel to select

RGB-TW Tunable White LED

RGB-TW Tunable White LED is an exciting colour-tunable technology that allows users to control the colour of light anytime after installation and attune lighting to individual preferences or a specific application need.

In addition to imitating natural daylight during a day, RGB-TW Tunable White LED can also create a collection of impressive lighting atmospheres. Light therapy studies have found that different light colours affect moods, heart rates and circadian rhythms. By having the option of different light colours you can effectively change the look and atmosphere of any room and adjust to suit the requirement. Cooler colours for examp­le can create a balanced and peaceful atmosphere whereas high colour temperature/intense colours triggers the release of serotonin which effects energy levels. By using the right light colours provides the ability to boost the body’s ability to remain alert and active when appropriate and wind down and relax when necessary.

Users can adjust the lighting in a matter of seconds to create the perfect light for every occasion. By using the right light colours in addition to pre-programmed sequences, users can access the entire spectrum of colour temperatures and colours to adjust the light in accordance with their own requirements.

RGB-TW Tunable White LED is based on the three channels red, blue and mint, which are controlled separately and are optimally matched in terms of temperature and intensity. RGB-TW Tunable White LED has a CRI >90 along the Planckian locus and thus guarantees the highest colour authenticity for every type of mood lighting, at all times of the day. RGB-TW Tunable White LED also has warm white has a high colour rendering in the R9 index.


Applications and Benefits at a glance:

RGB-TW Tunable White LED can be controlled using four control interfaces making useability simple:

  • DALI DT8
  • ZigBee 3.0
  • DMX
  • Casambi

The control function range includes:

  • Automatic daylight simulation
  • Individual control of all 3 channels
  • Long service life of 50,000 h
  • Colour temperature, brightness and individual RGB light colours
  • Microprocessor-controlled lighting and colour temperature management

Want more information?

Click here to request further information about RGB-TW Tunable White LED or call 1300 601 931 to speak with one of our product specialists.