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Sydney University Sports & Aquatic Centre - Swimming Pool Lighting Upgrade

Location: Sydney University Sports & Aquatic Centre
Lighting Design: Aglo Systems

The 50m indoor swimming pool at the Sydney Uni Sports and Aquatic Centre recently underwent a complete sports lighting upgrade. Aglo Systems were engaged to upgrade the old metal halide fittings with energy efficient LED floodlights.

In specifying the most suitable fittings and designing the lighting plan, technical details such as the various lumen levels required for the different depths and sections of the pool needed consideration. A higher lux level was necessary for the deeper area to comply with official competition guidelines.  For product continuity across the pool site, the Palida Plus floodlight was specified in 400W and 500W for the competition area. To withstand the harsh pool environment, Aglo’s engineers designed and manufactured customised mounting brackets for the Palida Plus floodlights from marine grade stainless steel.