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Adaptable and architectural

  • Modular design: Complete flexibility to adapt the fitting based on requirements
  • CRI97 available upon request
  • Standard SDCM: 3 steps, available in 2 steps on request
  • Honeycomb Louvre, Line Diffuser, Diamond Diffuser, Frosted Diffuser accessories available
  • For any custom requirements, please contact us
1 - 2 weeks estimated lead time

For exact turnaround, please contact us.

Product info

  • System Lumen Range675lm - 1830lm
  • System Power7W, 13W, 18W
  • System Efficacy (max.)102lm/W
  • Body/Trim ColourWhite, Black
  • Installation MethodFixed Recessed
  • Dimming TypePhase-Cut Dimmable, Wireless Dimmable (Casambi), Non-Dimmable, DALI Dimmable
  • Accessories Black Baffle
    Chrome Baffle
    Rose Gold Baffle
    White Baffle
    Deep-Black Baffle
    Deep-Chrome Baffle
    Deep-Rose Gold Baffle
    Deep-White Baffle
    Deep-Black Baffle-Diamond
    Deep-Black Baffle-Frosted
    Deep-Black Baffle-Honeycomb
    Deep-Black Baffle-IP44
    Deep-Black Baffle-Line
    Deep-Chrome Baffle -Diamond
    Deep-Chrome Baffle -Frosted
    Deep-Chrome Baffle -Honeycomb
    Deep-Chrome Baffle -IP44
    Deep-Chrome Baffle -Line
    Deep-Rose Gold Baffle-Diamond
    Deep-Rose Gold Baffle-Frosted
    Deep-RoseGold Baffle-Honeycomb
    Deep-Rose Gold Baffle-IP44
    Deep-Rose Gold Baffle-Line
    Deep-White Baffle-Diamond
    Deep-White Baffle-Frosted
    Deep-White Baffle-Honeycomb
    Deep-White Baffle-IP44
    Deep-White Baffle-Line
    Black Baffle-Diamond
    Black Baffle-Frosted
    Black Baffle-Honeycomb
    Black Baffle-IP44
    Black Baffle-Line
    Chrome Baffle-Diamond
    Chrome Baffle-Frosted
    Chrome Baffle-Honeycomb
    Chrome Baffle-IP44
    Chrome Baffle-Line
    Rose Gold Baffle-Diamond
    Rose Gold Baffle-Frosted
    Rose Gold Baffle-Honeycomb
    Rose Gold Baffle-IP44
    Rose Gold Baffle-Line
    White Baffle-Diamond
    White Baffle-Frosted
    White Baffle-Honeycomb
    White Baffle-IP44
    White Baffle-Line

Photometric info

  • Colour Rendering Index (CRI)CRI90, CRI97+
  • Colour Temperature (CCT)2700K, 3000K, 4000K, Dim To Warm
  • Beam Angle15°, 30°, 50°

Compliance and Features

  • Ce
  • Ro Hs

About Mondolux

Mondolux is an Australian based and owned lighting brand that puts our customer experience front and centre. Our commitment is to continually improve your lighting experience through product performance, ongoing innovation, easy specification, quick turnaround and Australian compliance. Aglo Systems is the exclusive distributor for Australia.

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