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Transforming Spaces with an Extensive Range of LED Extrusions


When it comes to lighting design, architects and designers constantly seek versatile solutions that can elevate both residential and commercial spaces. Recognising this need, Mondolux has emerged as a leading provider of a growing range of LED extrusions designed to cater to a diverse array of lighting applications. With an unwavering commitment to flexibility and innovation, Mondolux's aluminium extrusions empower architects and designers to unleash their creativity and bring their lighting visions to life.

The range of aluminium extrusions offered by Mondolux provides lighting designers with unparalleled flexibility and ingenuity in their lighting projects. These extrusions serve as the foundation for creating seamless and visually stunning lighting installations. Whether accentuating architectural elements, illuminating displays, or providing ambient lighting, Mondolux's aluminium extrusions offer endless possibilities. By seamlessly integrating these extrusions into their designs, professionals can achieve remarkable lighting effects that enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of any space.

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In addition to the extensive range of aluminium extrusions, Mondolux offers a remarkable selection of linear LED strips. These strips are designed to provide rectangular beam angles, ensuring uniform illumination throughout the space. With a high colour rendering index (CRI) of over 90, Mondolux's LED strips accurately represent colours, guaranteeing true-to-life lighting experiences. Architects and designers can choose from various options, including colour temperatures, lumen outputs, IP ratings, RGB/RGBW, and tunable white options. This extensive range allows for precise customisation, ensuring every lighting project achieves the desired ambience and visual impact.

The Stealth and Impact LED Extrusion ranges stand out as exceptional examples within Mondolux's portfolio. These extrusions have been successfully incorporated into various lighting projects, including the recently completed Melbourne Clinical Laser Retail Clinic. In collaboration with interior designer Studio Grayscale, Aglo Systems worked to bring their vision of a beautiful and elegant space to life. The lighting design included attention-grabbing LED extrusion feature lighting in the reception area, which served as a captivating focal point. These extrusions were skillfully suspended and surface-mounted to the multi-level ceiling, seamlessly meeting curved black timber trims that gracefully extended along the ceiling and gently curved down to the cabinetry. The result was a harmonious integration of form and function, with a neutral colour palette that exuded a clean and clinical ambience.

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Another notable lighting project showcasing Mondolux's extrusions was the lighting design at Richmond Quarter. This project featured the use of Mondolux extrusions, including the Stealth 1707 silver, Stealth 1715 silver, and Linear LED Kits with Mondolux Neon Flex Top Bendable. The integration of these extrusions added a touch of sophistication, highlighting architectural features and creating stunning lighting effects that transformed the space into a visual masterpiece.

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As Mondolux continues to expand its range of LED extrusions, architects and designers can expect even greater possibilities for their lighting projects. With Mondolux, creativity knows no bounds. By offering state-of-the-art solutions that seamlessly blend form and function, Mondolux is redefining lighting design and empowering professionals to push the boundaries of architectural lighting. Whether it's residential, commercial, or any other application, Mondolux's growing range of LED extrusions is sure to inspire and transform spaces in remarkable ways.

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